What are overlays?

Overlays are images, videos, animations or even 3D models that appear whenever Aurasma sees an image that it recognises. For example if you want a photo of you on the beach to play a video from your holiday whenever you point your smartphone at it then you would set your holiday video as the overlay (and the photo of you as the trigger image).

Some Auras can have multiple overlays. For example, one overlay could be a video, and the second could be an image of a button saying "Click here for Special Offers!". See the Auras help for more details.

Managing your overlays

You can upload, edit and delete your overlay videos and images by clicking on the Overlays icon on the main screen.

Manage your overlays

You can sort your overlays into folders to keep them organised. Create a folder by right-clicking on the My Overlays folder in the Navigator to the left of the window and clicking New Folder. You can then drag and drop your overlays into different folders.

Organise your overlays into folders